Newsarama Interview

On June 23rd, the constant bickering in the zoology community over who’d win a fight between a bear and shark will finally be settled. In the upcoming one-shot Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark, cartoonists Ryan Ottley (Invincible) and Jason Howard (Astounding Wolf-Man) are picking up their pencils for a forty-eight page comics clash pitting a ferocious Sea Bear versus a monstrous Grizzly Shark. When pencils – and teeth – and claws – collide, only readers of this comic will be able to determine the victor. Each artist will be writing & drawing a complete twenty-two page story, with friend & writer Robert Kirkman providing a prose story describing the origins of these two monstrous beasts.
For more on this unique one-shot, NEWSARAMA talked with Ryan Ottley & Jason Howard and found them just as combative as their characters.