Jason Howard

If you missed the big news, Image announced a new one shot at the Emerald City Con over the weekend. Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark. Comis were invented to tell their story, and I feel lucky to be a part of it. The book will be two full length stories. Sea Bear is written and drawn by me, and Grizzly Shark is written and drawn by art master Ryan Ottley. If you like fun stories with some killing going on, this is your book.
For those who do the comic shop thing, it will be solicited in next months Previews for product shipping in June. So tell your store that you want one (or ten), oddball indy books like this are not always high on the stores radar, so dont assume that they will carry it. Besides if we do well enough maybe next year we can do a sequel, Revenge of Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark!