CBR Interview

Bears have no business gliding through the ocean depths. A shark should not be able to stalk its prey on the mainland. But when it comes to the predatory methods of a Sea Bear and a Grizzly Shark, all bets are off!
Longtime "Invincible" artist Ryan Ottley and "The Astounding Wolf-Man" illustrator Jason Howard are bringing these ungodly freaks of nature to the printed page with "Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark," a special Image Comics one-shot all about, well, a Sea Bear and a Grizzly Shark! Each artist wrote and illustrated their own story within the one-shot — Ottley took the reins on Shark, while Howard centered in on Bear — with their mutual collaborator Robert Kirkman providing a prose origin story for both of these twisted creatures.
COMIC BOOK RESOURCES spoke with Ottley and Howard to learn more about "Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark," the origins of the story, their experience writing these adventures and much more.