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2nd Print Cover

Back by popular demand, the sold out Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark will return for a second print with new cover.

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23rd June 2010
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Maximum Comics Signing

Ryan Ottley and Jason Howard will be at Maximum Comics on Saturday June 26 from noon to 3, signing copies of their new book Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark.

Come out and enjoy a great afternoon with two of the rising stars of the comics world.
The best part it is totally free.

Photo's added!

Comics Alliance Interview

Comics Alliance recently spoke with Ryan Ottley and Jason Howard about their dreams of fusing animals and making them fight each other.

Newsarama Interview

On June 23rd, the constant bickering in the zoology community over who’d win a fight between a bear and shark will finally be settled. In the upcoming one-shot Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark, cartoonists Ryan Ottley (Invincible) and Jason Howard (Astounding Wolf-Man) are picking up their pencils for a forty-eight page comics clash pitting a ferocious Sea Bear versus a monstrous Grizzly Shark. When pencils – and teeth – and claws – collide, only readers of this comic will be able to determine the victor. Each artist will be writing & drawing a complete twenty-two page story, with friend & writer Robert Kirkman providing a prose story describing the origins of these two monstrous beasts.
For more on this unique one-shot, NEWSARAMA talked with Ryan Ottley & Jason Howard and found them just as combative as their characters.

CBR Interview

Bears have no business gliding through the ocean depths. A shark should not be able to stalk its prey on the mainland. But when it comes to the predatory methods of a Sea Bear and a Grizzly Shark, all bets are off!
Longtime "Invincible" artist Ryan Ottley and "The Astounding Wolf-Man" illustrator Jason Howard are bringing these ungodly freaks of nature to the printed page with "Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark," a special Image Comics one-shot all about, well, a Sea Bear and a Grizzly Shark! Each artist wrote and illustrated their own story within the one-shot — Ottley took the reins on Shark, while Howard centered in on Bear — with their mutual collaborator Robert Kirkman providing a prose origin story for both of these twisted creatures.
COMIC BOOK RESOURCES spoke with Ottley and Howard to learn more about "Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark," the origins of the story, their experience writing these adventures and much more.

New Preview Pages


Ryan & Jason @ C2E2

If you're attending the C2E2 comic convention in Chicago next week (April 16th - 18th), make sure you stop by the Image booth, where you'll find both Jason Howard and Ryan Ottley hanging out. They'll be talking up their Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark book coming out in June and of course their individual books Invincible and Astounding Wolf-Man.
Say hello, check out their art and get yourself either a Sea Bear or Grizzly Shark sticker... pointing you directly at this place! Your one stop shop for everything Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark.

Jason Howard on Comic Geek Speak

Jason Howard was a recent guest on COMIC GEEK SPEAK as part of their C2E2 preview show. Either follow the link above, or click the play button below to listen to the full podcast. You can even scroll along to (1:01:20) were Jason talks about the end of Astounding Wolf-Man, the upcoming "Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark" oneshot with Ryan Ottley, listening to CGS, drawing digitally and plenty more.


Big Shiny Robot! Interview

BIG SHINY ROBOT! recently spoke to both Ryan Ottley and Jason Howard about "Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark".

Grizzly Shark Preview - Ryan Ottley

Sea Bear Preview - Jason Howard

Solicitation Details

Diamond Order Code: APR100423

Do not go out at night: GRIZZLY SHARK lurks in these woods. There are many dangers of the deep, but none so deadly as SEA BEAR! Thrill to the adventures of these two exciting new characters. Told in two full-length stories written and illustrated by RYAN (INVINCIBLE) OTTLEY and JASON (THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN) HOWARD. Also featuring a special prose origin story written by ROBERT KIRKMAN!


Ryan Ottley

So what happens when a Bear and a Shark get mixed up?
Awesome stuff, that’s what!
Keep an eye out, this 48 page one-shot is coming out in June by Jason Howard and I, and a special origin written by Robert Kirkman. You might have to ask your shop to order it. If you miss this, we can’t be friends.

Jason Howard

If you missed the big news, Image announced a new one shot at the Emerald City Con over the weekend. Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark. Comis were invented to tell their story, and I feel lucky to be a part of it. The book will be two full length stories. Sea Bear is written and drawn by me, and Grizzly Shark is written and drawn by art master Ryan Ottley. If you like fun stories with some killing going on, this is your book.
For those who do the comic shop thing, it will be solicited in next months Previews for product shipping in June. So tell your store that you want one (or ten), oddball indy books like this are not always high on the stores radar, so dont assume that they will carry it. Besides if we do well enough maybe next year we can do a sequel, Revenge of Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark!

Cover Revealed

At this years Emerald City ComiCon, Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark was announced to the public. While sparse on details about the book, attendees both laughed and clapped in excitement at the possibilities this title offered.

ART: Ryan Ottley & Jason Howard
COLORS: Jason Howard
LOGO: Jason Howard

Early Concept Art

Here's some early concept art and comments by Ryan Ottley.

  • did this sketch as kind of an ad of what’s to come. At Heroes con I shared a Hotel with Jason Howard, artist of the Astounding Wolf-man, and we came up with this concept we are thinking about doing. It was fun to just brainstorm this stuff, check it out. It’ll be the most exciting crossover that’s ever happened! heh.

    • Just another addition to the story about a Bear and a Shark that got mixed up. Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark's first strike!

    • Another Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark ad. I'm just having fun with this stuff. 


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